Friday, September 29, 2006

Post # 20

Tamil: "Sevadan kaddiley oothine sangu madiri"
Intended meaning: ".....Fell on deaf ears"
Transliterations: "deaf man ears blowing conch like"

Post # 19

Tamil: “Aindhil valaiyaadhadhu aimbadhil valaiyumaa?!”
Intended meaning: "Teaching them young"
Transliteration: "if 5th not bending then 50th will bend?"

Post # 18

Tamil: “Puli pasithaalum pullai thingaathu”
Intended meaning: "Being very stubborn"
Transliteration: "Tiger Hungry still grass not eating"

Post # 17

Tamil: “Nirvaana dhesathila kovanam kattinavan maadhiri”
Intended Meaning: "Be a Roman when in Rome"
Transliteration: "Naked nation loin cloth tying like"

Post # 16

Tamil: “Yaanaikkum adi sarukkum”
Intended Meaning: "Everyone has a weakness"
Transliterate: "Elephant also bottom slipping"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Post # 15

Tamil: "Aaththirakkaaranukku budhi mattu"
Intended meaning: "An angry person cannot think clearly"
Transliteration: "Angry fellow brain not working"

Post # 14

Tamil: "Thavalai than vaayaal kedum"
Intended meaning: "Spilling out the beans yourself"
Transliteration: "Frog own mouth spoiling"

Post # 13

Tamil: "Mazha Vittum Thoovaanam Vidalai"
Intended meaning: "Spillage from a grand celebration"
Transliteration: "Rain leaving drizzle not leaving"

Friday, September 22, 2006

Post # 12

Tamil: "Arasana Nambi purushana kai vitta madiri"
Intended meaning: Very close to "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush"
Transliterate: "King believe husband hand leaving"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Post # 11

Tamil: "Vaeleela pora onaana thookki vetti kulla vitta maadhiri"
Intended meaning: "Inviting trouble"
Transliterate: "Outside going chameleon taking and inserting in your dhoti like"

Post # 10

Tamil: "Than kaiye thanakku udhavi"
Intended meaning: "Self help is best help"
Transliterate: "Own hand ourself help"

Post # 9

Tamil: "Kaduhu siruthaalum kaaram kuraiyaathu"
Intended meaning: "Size does not matter"
Transliterate: "Mustard small also means spicy not reduced"

Post # 8

Tamil: “Arppanukku vaazhvu vandha arththa raaththririla kudai pidippaan”
Intended meaning: "When a poor man gets wealth he will try to show off"
Transliterate: "Poor man getting life midnight holding umbrella"

Post # 7

Tamil : “Eruma maattu mela mazhai peincha maadhiri”
Intended meaning: "Being thick skinned about an issue..."
Transliterate: "Like Buffalo over raining"

Post # 6

Tamil: "Kakkai ku tan kunju pon kunju"
Intended meaning: "Children always look beautiful in eyes of the mother."
Transliterate: "Crow's own d**k is golden d**k"

Post # 5

Tamil: "Kazhuthai ketta kutti suvaru"
Intended Meaning: "Telling the obvious"
Transliterate: "Donkey spoiling small wall"
Raasa's Transliteration: "Bad donkey, small wall.. "

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Post # 4

Another good one provided by Subbu: "“kada thengaaya edhuthu vazhi pillayaarukku udai”"
Intended meaning: "Take someone else’s money/property and give away as though it’s yours"
Transliterate : "Shop coconut taking and for path Ganesha breaking aaaaaa".

Post # 3

Tamil : "Vizhundu Vizhundu sirichan!!!"
Intended meaning : "laughed so hard he fell down!!!"
Transliterate : "Falling falling laughed!!!"

Post # 2

Another one: "kalla kanda naya kanum, naya kanda kalla kanum."
Intended meaning -- "A catch-22 situation."
Transliterate -- "dog see stone not see, stone see dog not see."

Monday, September 18, 2006

Post # 1

My favourite tamil quote -- "Ellu na ennai ya vandu nikkanam".
Intended meaning -- "Do more than what is expected of you." OR "...going the extra mile".
Transliterate -- "Seasame seeds means you should come and stand oil".